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May 2012

After this training participants will be able to deploy the ETC response solution - a solution for providing connectivity and ICT services to the humanitarian community in emergency situations. The solution involves different parts: connectivity and services through the terminals and satellite antennas; end-user management control through Ericsson Response WIDER solution; and the WFP standard data kit to bring all parts together and extend the services to multiple locations.

What past participants have to say...


"I was really lucky to be part of such a great team. I learnt a lot in both technical and non-technical areas, I enjoyed every moment although it was sometimes really stressful.’’

Tamer El-Erian, Ericsson Response

"The course, I felt, was a great success and I am very glad that I can consider myself a Let's Net certified person :) I want to be able to deploy a complete ETC solution and help in any way possible when needed in the humanitarian world. And I feel more confident about myself because of the architectural and design knowledge we received during this course. Many thanks for the instructors and the team for this great experience."

Wissam Bassam, Ericsson Response

‘’The Let’s Net is not only a training – it is an experience. Having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, with different backgrounds was very special. The team spirit was definitely part of this experience, likely because we all have lots in common by the fact we all want to make a difference, contribute via humanitarian work but yet again, each one had its own very special personality which added to the team spirit. I really enjoyed every second at the Let’s Net - I have learned a lot, met awesome people and now I find myself wanting to take it a step further by applying to OpEx Bravo and of course, really looking forward to my first real field mission. This is an experience I will cherish for a long time..."

Christine Horton, Ericsson Response

Let's Net

Through this 8-day hands-on training course, participants will learn to deploy, manage and support the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) Data and Voice services during emergency operations.

Developed by WFP in cooperation with and Ericsson Response, topics covered include deployment scenarios for ETC Data and Voice services, standard modules of the ETC Data and Voice solution, implementing different types of connectivity and provision of ETC services to end-users.




This course is for IT responders from WFP and Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) Partner organizations, who will be deployed in emergency operations with the ETC. Participants must be available for deployment in this type of role with WFP or their respective organizations. Emergency experience is an advantage. A solid technical background and current practical experience with data communications and IT are required.

All training materials are in English only and, given the technical nature of the content, students must have strong English language skills to successfully complete the course.

There is a maximum of 12 participants for this course.


This course is organized on demand by WFP and in conjunction with ETC partners, typically twice per year. See the training calendar for exact dates.


Held in Schimpach (Luxembourg), this course can also be delivered for ETC Partner organizations at their facilities.


Key Objective
Participants will be able to deploy, manage and support ETC Data and Voice services in an emergency operation.

Course Content
The course is based on the ETC Data and Voice solution and teaches participants how to deploy, manage and support the basic ETC services using standard modules.

Topics covered in the course include:
•    Deployment scenarios for ETC Data and Voice services
•    Standard modules of the ETC Data and Voice solution
•    Implementing different types of connectivity
•    Provision of ETC services to end-users
•    Troubleshooting the solution and services
•    Operation and hand-over
Equipment covered in the course include satellite terminals, the Ericsson Response Network access solution (WIDER), Cisco switches and Ericsson wireless AP's.

The course focuses on building hands-on skills through practical exercises and simulations.


Accommodation and meals during the course and all direct course costs (instructors, facilities, equipment etc.) are covered by hosting organization.  Participants will need to arrange their own flights and travel costs.

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