WFP and the Government of Luxembourg have established a partnership for the integration of EPIC into the solution.

Owned by the Government of Luxembourg, and developed in partnership with UN agencies and private companies, the solution is designed to address the challenge of worldwide rapid response capacity and preparedness for humanitarian emergencies. is a key component of the ETC response solution.

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Led by the World Food Programme (WFP), the EPIC team works in close cooperation and agreement with humanitarian partners to determine how the programme can be developed for the benefit of the wider community.

EPIC engages with partners for Solutions, Business Requirements, Expertise and Funding.

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 Leveraging the latest developments in information technology, EPIC will provide you with a suite of solutions and services to assist all levels of your life-saving operations.

The Emergency Preparedness Integration Centre (EPIC) is an inter-agency innovation programme to support improved disaster preparedness and enable faster, more cohesive emergency response.


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 Current context challenges

  • Information overload in emergencies hampers effective decision making
  • Multiple, duplicative and disparate information platforms
  • Existing tools do not meet new demands and do not provide timely access to critical information.

Transforming disaster management

  • EPIC enhances coordination and collaboration within the humanitarian community, by aggregating and consolidating information from various sources on a shared platform, and providing you with a Common Operational Picture.
  • EPIC enables faster and better decision-making - before and during emergencies - by reducing humanitarian information overload, and by analyzing and visually presenting quality information to humanitarian actors.
  • EPIC facilitates timely access to information through seamless integration of existing technologies, development of new tools and applications, and enhanced communication capabilities.


EPIC Flagship Projects

The EPIC Portal is an intuitive website presenting a single source for real-time information. It supports collaboration, facilitates communication, and displays a Common Operational Picture.

EPIC Apps leverage applications already used within the humanitarian community and integrates them into the programme to provide you with common, inter-agency tools.

EPIC Unified Communications integrates existing and new communications devices and services with other EPIC solutions enabling seamless communication and supporting safety among humanitarian workers. 

With EPIC, the world is at your fingertips. EPIC Interact enables you to integrate, display and engage with Portal information on various touch-screen devices. EPIC Interact also allows multiple users to operate the system and provide updates at the same time.

Often used in conjunction with EPIC Interact, EPIC Situation Rooms are command centres with complete implementation of all EPIC's solutions. Devices used by emergency responders in the field provide real-time information feeds directly to the relevant situation room.