Resources for Trainers

This page contains a number of resources to help instructors and training managers get the job done.

Intro to IT Emergency Management

The Intro to IT Emergency Management - Instructor Support page gives details on what services and resources are available for supporting delivery of the Intro to IT Emergency Management course.

Example course Evaluations

You may be teaching a new or informal course that does not already have it's own evaluation form. Here we provide three different examples you can use for course evaluations – they will need a little adaptation to meet your needs, but are a good starting point.

Example 1 – Session by Session evaluation

Example 2 – Full course evaluation, 1 page

Example 3 – DESC Debrief & debriefing instructions and form. (with permission of John Heron, the creator of the DESC model)

You can also make use of online evaluation services such as, where you can design your own course evaluation and have participants fill it in online. The website gives you nicely formatted graphs and lists showing the collated results.