MARCH 2012, ISSUE #14

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South Sudan pioneers ETC response solution

Hunger; insecurity; displacement; remoteness; natural disasters; disease – the challenges that face the people of South Sudan are immense. And, after almost half a century of civil war, even the most basic infrastructure to assist expanding humanitarian operations is virtually non-existent... until... In January 2012 the ground-breaking new Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) response solution was pioneered in South Sudan


Winning the Lottery

After more than twenty successful years of planning and directing innovative ICT activities in the commercial market, Victor Lopez, Plan International Regional ICT Manager for Americas, won the lottery. Not the ‘sports car’, ‘round-the-world-trip’, ‘luxury yacht’ type lottery, but more of the ‘outcome achieved by chance’ lottery...



Computer Science students lead the way to redevelopment in Haiti

“I was a university student doing a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science before the earthquake,” says Emmanuel Willer. “After the earthquake, everything stopped…”

“I was doing a Masters Degree in Computer Science when the earthquake hit,” says Joel Barthelemy. “After the earthquake it was not easy to do anything because you have your own family with troubles and all your friends have problems too...”



The Legal Context

You work in IT and telecommunications. You’re a technician. You arrive with your equipment, carry out the installation, manage it and leave. What happens in the legal context of the operation has nothing to do with you right? WRONG!




In the words of: Marianne Donven

Directorate for Development Cooperation of the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs



CÔTE D'IVOIRE: Information about ETC operations in Côte d'Ivoire can be found in: Côte d'Ivoire - Forum or email:

HORN OF AFRICA: Information about operations in response to the Horn of Africa crisis can be found in: Somalia – Food Crisis or email: or 

NIGER: Information about ETC operations in Niger can be found in: Niger – IA ICT Working Group or email:

PAKISTAN: Information about ETC operations in Pakistan can be found in: Pakistan – ETC Working Group or email:

SOUTH SUDAN: Information about ETC operations in South Sudan can be found in: South Sudan – ETC Working Group or email:

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